Here is your opportunity to have a face-to-face with the most courageous individuals of our time. From politicians to educators from lords to formula one competitors and everyone in between.

The Oxford Magazine is looking for its own Ernest Hemingway or Agatha Christie to share the experiences that await you writing for the Oxford Magazine. Substance and accuracy that the residents, visitors to Oxford, Bing and Google users can rely on as primary source of reference.

The Oxford Magazine ltd. publication both online and in print monthly (beginning September 1, 2015) are recruiting creative, bold and intellectual writers.

Bloggers are also welcomed to apply.

Writers will be asked to produce intelligent works on relevant subjects and issues on the local level as-well-as the national level. The ability to meet deadline is a crucial. Compensation is to be award both monetarily and in-kind.

Oxford Magazine writers have the opportunity to experience unique and exceptional events and happenings as-well-as the conduct face-to-face conversations with headline makers of the past and present.

Our aim at the Oxford Magazine is to deliver the finest quality monthly culture publication in the world. Colleagues will be comprised of seasoned professionals, amateurs (but not for long) and local university interns.

Your assignments will have you front-row participating and experiencing great Oxford events (and occasionally London events).

All of the articles at the Oxford Magazine is created by staff and freelance writers. Our publication being about people will require you to have a thick skin at times and a generous sense of humour.

Crisp, clear composition style is required.

You will have to do your own leg work (confirm appointments) and gaining access the Oxford Magazine will supply the credentials.

Writers are expected to meet face-to-face with their subjects to be professional and to enhance to experience.

We are competitive, constantly focused on producing even better quality and building our brand and reputation.

Travel reimbursement will only be paid for assignments outside of Oxford.

All applicants must be legal residents of both the UK (able to work in the UK). Standard employment age requirements are followed.

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